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Meet Hanutri

Hana: Founder, PhD student, MBA, MSC, CISSN, SENr

After 15 years of hi tech jobs primarily at Microsoft, I created Hanutri to devote my life to helping others live a healthy life, which means that I get to live a healthy and full-filling life as well. All of my friends know me as someone who has always been deeply drawn to Nutrition, Movement, and balanced Lifestyle. These three elements are the core of Hanutri.

I am a certified Sports Nutritionist, yoga teacher and a life coach.  I completed my nutrition education through CNM's Nutritional Therapy and Naturopathy, University of Westminster's MSc in Sports and Exercise Nutrition, and ISSN's sports nutrition certification CISSN.  I am registered with SENr as a graduate registrant of the Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register in the UK.  My mission is to provide excellence in the practice of sports nutrition for the benefit of all, from the elite to the recreational athlete. I have completed IFM's foundational and GI module in functional medicine. I have a profound interest in applying genetics in the nutritional setting.  I completed my life coaching studies through Animas Centre for Coaching and I hold ICF's ACC credentials.

I am currently working towards my PhD at the University of Westminster, with my thesis titled "The effects of mHealth and behaviour change on wellbeing, healthy eating, and physical activity of menopausal women".  Through this process, nutritional support for menopausal women has become my focus and speciality.

Hanutri is a brand focused on helping people to be healthy through nutrition, lifestyle, and movement.  We provide services to individuals and groups comprising of nutritional therapy, functional medicine, sports nutrition, yoga, and much more.  We do this through individual consultations, corporate engagements, and group retreats.

I look forward to helping you on your journey to health and happiness!


With love,




What We Offer

Tropical Fruit Dessert


Individual and groups

Personalised nutrition plan and guidance that supports your health and wellbeing incorporating both naturopathic and science-based approach to nutrition.

Sports nutrition, Functional and Genetic testing, Nutrigenomics, Functional Nutrition.



Girl Hiking in Mountains


Individual, groups, retreats

Movement methods that nourish both the body and mind, incorporating GYROKINESIS®, and Yoga.

Training Retreats in collaboration with ucanfitness providing an intensive experience involving road cycling, trail cycling/running, swimming, yoga, GYROKINESIS®.



Happy Children


Individual and groups

Life coaching to support you on your journey to health and wellbeing.

Supporting you to transform your dreams into reality to life your life with purpose and direction.

OWLifestyle (@owlifestyle_) brand providing trendy and comfortable sports apparel to help you feel good.





"Thanks again for this great experience: The first Yoga session in my life together with this incredible team at a beautiful location "

— SW, Sales Director, Microsoft EMEA Germany