Gym Workout

Sports Nutrition

Performance optimisation

Event nutrition plan preparation

Training nutrition plan preparation

Weight loss/lean muscle gain

Personalised nutrition plan 

DNA Sport analysis

Lab Experiment

Genetic and Functional Testing

DNA testing for sports performance, metabolism, recovery, detoxification, oxidative stress, methylation, inflammation, etc.  Genotype and phenotype test pairing.

Grapefruit and Vitamins

Functional Medicine Nutrition

Nutrition plan preparation based on functional medicine principles, designed for cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and hormone health, and immunity.

Advanced testing (i.e. SIBO, IBS, leaky gut, microbiota and gut health)

Diet Plan

Naturopathic Nutrition

Nutrition plan preparation based on naturopathic principles. 

Current diet analysis

Detoxification, parasite cleanse

Nutritional deficiencies discovery

Supplementation recommendations

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